Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brain Trainin Didn't Work!

Just a little note, to let anyone out there who still remembers me, I'm not dead, or ill, or been in a coma...I just forgot I had a blog! Oh well, so much for the brain trainin, at least I have my memories and can continue to blog bout them, I suppose. So, it's all good, now I just gotta decide what story shall I tell...coming soon, iffin I don't forget again :)
For now goin to catch up on some of the blogs I followed...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brain Trainin....

So I did my brain trainin last nite. And the tune that popped in my head was, "Puff the Magic Dragon" to hum while I brushed. And for the record, walkin in place with your eyes closed while brushin your teeth isn't easy. But it sure felt like my brain was growin! And I found out I be pretty goooood at pickin things up with my feet and you can wear a shirt on your legs...JK!

Anywho, today's brain trainin will be:

Chaos! Move as many of those daily objects that you use throughout the day, whether it be at home or at work. For example, the coffee pot, trash can, remote (like we ever know where that is anyways), pens, paper, the phone, toothbrush holder, etc. Just go throughout your home or at the job and mix things up from their usual places that they be found. Have fun and let me know how it goes!

A Thought to Ponder?

Duct Tape...."The Ultimate Material"....so what's your best uses for this wonder tape?
A friend of mine actually paid someone with duct tape, for french braidin their daughters hair. It worked...they were both very satisfied with the arrangement. Talk about your hick/redneck payments.
Hey will ya come over and french braid my daughters hair?
Sure, iffin ya pay me with duct tape!
Hickchic thinks....everything is fixable with duct tape...heck I's even got it in various colors and keep a roll in my car....never know when the muffler might fall off!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hickchic thinks....

I shall, now that my girls are startin back to school tomorrow...post a thought to ponder and a new brain trainin exercise for those of you that would like to keep that brain in shape. It should be beneficial as well as a fun daily thang for those willin to participate! So have already given your thought to ponder for the day, with calgon take me away....so now for your brain trainin....

Tonite as you are gettin ready fur bed: brush your teeth with your non dominate hand, brush with your eyes open, eyes closed, actually pay attention to how the bristles feel against your gums. Hum a tune as you brush. Actually, smell the scent of your toothpaste...is it minty? Try walkin in place while you brush. Feel your teeth with your tongue, do they feel clean yet? Use as many of your senses as you can come up with while you brush. Next, while closin your eyes proceed to put your PJ's on (works better if you can get someone to help, by placin your cloths beside you, while your eyes are closed, but if ya ain't got no help, then place them beside you and then mix them up as much as possible). Or try this variation, place your cloths on the floor and use only your feet while your eyes are closed to pick up your cloths and hand them to your hands. Pay close attention to the texture of your PJ's...are they silky or soft? Again, use that sense of smell, before you put them on... also as your eyes are closed with your mind's eye see yourself doin the tasks at hand...and for you, that sleep in your birthday suits....welp don't forget to brush your teeth!
Hickchic thinks....my brain has been gettin a bit sluggish as of late and I will be doin the above. And note for peace of mind, I ain't just makin this stuff up...I have done much research on the study of neurobics for the brain. It is scientifically proven that breakin away from the routine of our lives and performin new experieces while usin as many of our senses; touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearin as well as spatial memory or emotions helps to stimulate the brain and produce growth and nutrients for our brains. Oops, darn did I just go actin all smart again...I hate when that happens. Anywho, hickchic hopes you'll give it a try and leave comments to let me know how it went.

A Thought for the Day?

If calgone could take us away....where would you want it to take you?

Monday, August 10, 2009

101 Uses for the Plunger!

Tha Hillbilly Plunger!

This is my lastest project, tha 101 uses for the hillbilly plunger...ie., TP, remote, drank holder, bird feeder or bath, pocket change or your pocket knife holder...just to name a few. K so I don't have 101 uses yet, but feel free to add yours, although I have thunk up quit a lot of uses. Makin signs now, so a person can just choose what they want their plunger used for. Figure if I don't sell them, it be Merry Christmas family...be one of them win win situations! Every yr my daughters school has a big craft fair, figure I just might set up this yr. Anywho look forward to seein what uses my readers come up with. And as always, much thx and appreciation for your time!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Just thought I would update everyone on Momma Sadie and her pups. They have now all found a home and doin well! But they are very much missed by hickchic!